The lines of Mr. Biswas

Vishwajyoti Ghosh Well, this is not really meant to be a series, but yes, Orijit’s last post can be blamed for prodding me to this. Summer 1990. Now school was over and it… Continue reading

When the truth is graphic

By Anindita Ghose in Mint Lounge, saturday, 13th march 2010 For an Indian artist, a trip to Pakistan on a “reporting visa” is likely to make for interesting anecdotes. For Vishwajyoti Ghosh, the… Continue reading

India’s comics boom: The Pao Collective

By Jason Overdorf – GlobalPost Published: January 19, 2010 06:55 ET NEW DELHI, India — Fifteen years ago, when artist Orijit Sen produced India’s first graphic novel — a story about the Narmada… Continue reading

Raj Comics : A brief overview

Recently in an interview with comic book illustrator and writer, Anupam Sinha, a curious chain of thought began when he spoke about his notion of ‘100% Comics’. I began to think about where… Continue reading

Remembering Nandlal

one of the works of art i carry around in my head is sahaj path, the classic bangla primer written by rabindranath tagore and originally illustrated with woodcuts by nandlal bose. and i… Continue reading