Parismita’s comic in Mint ( November 2012)


Pao: The Anthology of Comics 1 is in the market.

Guiding God through Daryaganj

Dear Aline and Robert I received the package from you on my return from a trip out of town. What a fabulous surprise! Needless to say, the signed copy of your book now… Continue reading


Carnama is one of Orijit’s current works-in-progress. In collaboration with designer and animator Rajiv Gautam. It is simultaneously being produced as animation film and serialised comics.

A Place in Punjab by Orijit

A series of random details from my 20mx75m mural at the Virasat-e-Khalsa Museum DUDE WALA PUNJAB ROADLINES

Feast of the Fire Gods by Orijit

Favourite recipes – in anthropomorphic form!

Emerald Apsara by Orijit

Virtue by Amitabh

Published as part of “The Obliterary Journal” , Blaft Publications, 2012.

The Cow ate it Up by Amitabh

In hindi there is a phrase called ‘ Gai kha gayi’ (The cow ate it up), which is used when things are not found in their place, or are suspected to having been… Continue reading

And then came Uncle Pai by Vishwajyoti Ghosh